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hello! call me blue. i'm filipino, i was born in 1996 and i live in the uk

you can use whatever pronouns to refer to me. they/them is preferred, she/her pronouns are okay to use

for the sake of convenience, i identify as a nb lesbian. respect my identity and there won't be any difficulties between us. this should not be a difficult concept to understand.

i love music, astrology, tarot and anything to do with the paranormal. ancient mythology is a special interest that i don't really talk about much at all. you can also probably include playing around with css to the list

i love making new friends and talking to people, so feel free to talk to me whenever and wherever !!!

ultimate biases
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i'm an ot7 bts stan lmfao they're all my ults
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bts' music is my absolute fav, simply because their songs comfort me and they've never let me down with every new release. i don't really give a fuck if you don't like them lol

i often gravitate towards certain genres but believe me when i say i'll literally listen to anything and anyone lol

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red velvet
mondo grosso
wednesday campanella
kenshi yonezu
frank ocean
kendrick lamar
natal chart

my sun is 27 degrees cancer, my moon is 16 degrees virgo and i'm a libra ascendant, surprise lmao. my mercury is in leo and both my venus and mars are in gemini, but at different degrees.

basically, i'm satan

aspects in my chart that i really like are my sun trine pluto, mercury trine pluto, moon trine jupiter, venus and mars trine ascendant, and saturn trine pluto !

i also adore my venus in 8th, mars in 9th and my moon in 11th !!

i am saturn, air, cardinal and gemini dominant, which is extremely confusing. i wouldn't change my chart for anything. if you'd like to actually see it, just hmu lol