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hello! call me blue. i'm filipino, i was born in 1996 and i live in the uk

you can use whatever pronouns to refer to me. they/them is preferred, she/her pronouns are okay to use

for the sake of convenience, i identify as a nb lesbian. respect my identity and there won't be any difficulties between us. this should not be a difficult concept to understand.

i love bts (and music in general), astrology and anything to do with the paranormal. in my free time i love watching documentaries about social and/or cultural issues & true crime stuff ! you can also probably include fucking around with css to the list

i love making new friends and talking to people, so feel free to talk to me whenever and wherever !!!

ultimate biases
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i'm an ot7 bts stan lmao they r all my ults !
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natal chart

my sun is 27 degrees cancer, my moon is 16 degrees virgo and i'm a libra ascendant, surprise lmao. my mercury is in leo and both my venus and mars are in gemini, but at different degrees. my chart ruler is in my 8th house uwu

basically: i'm annoying and don't know when to shut up

i am air, cardinal, gemini and saturn dominant, which is extremely confusing

i wouldn't change my chart for anything. if you'd like to actually see it, just hmu lol. if you're gonna judge me based on my placements before getting to know me, i'd rather we not talk tho :-)


he he he

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ー gifs

yoongi: sugaa

hoseok: hobies

jeongguk, taehyung, jimin & namjoon: nochuie

seokjin: seokjins-wings


hani: baechu

luna: 2nep1nk @ femaleidol

umji: explinct

eunha: wonhosoks

olivia hye: explinct

jihyo: jeongyeon

irene: leaderirene

ー pixels

space window


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ー font

karla @ google fonts

ー colour palette & blog title

bts' love yourself 轉 tear, track no. 4 uwu

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