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i hope you enjoy your stayhere in hell :-).
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about the web master

hello! i'm patricia and i was born in 1996, so i'm probably old as fuck. please use a nickname because my name is gross and i don't like looking at it. feel free to use whatever pronouns to refer to me. my body is female but i Do Not identify with any gender at all. she/her pronouns are okay to use tho.

wlw but i wouldn't mind making out with someone who identifies as something else tbqh

i'm really into music - especially kpop and especially BTS and a lot of girl groups, astrology and tarot (the very VERY basics of it, i'm still new to it ok shh). you can also.. apparently add 'fucking around on neocities' and annoying friends to the list???

i really love making new friends and talking to people, so feel free to talk to me whenever and wherever !!! i'm friendly most of the time. i can speak filipino but i probably really suck and talk like a fucking idiot because my parents and i moved out of the country when i was 3 y/o lmao. oops

p.s. i really fucking suck at css and idk if it's obvious but.. this site is utter shit purely for the aesthetic. idk why i'm like this tbh

ultimate biases

1. yoongi & hoseok (bts)
2. jeongguk, taehyung, jimin, namjoon & seokjin (bts)
3. seunghee (clc) & sana (twice)

i absolutely adore these guys with my entire heart and it's likely that you'll see me being extremely affectionate over them @ one point fsgjklgsnfd....... if i get too grossly affectionate i'm sorry lol :")

i listen to a lot more groups and soloists than the ones here, just ask me if you wanna know.. it's not top secret or anything. maybe one day i'll just list them all down so it saves you the trouble of having to ask me

natal chart

my sun is in the sign cancer, whilst my moon is in the sign virgo. sorry if i'm a little difficult to deal with sometimes

my mercury is in leo and i'm probably.. really loud, speak/tell stories dramatically and sound a tad bit too prideful. i love to have debates and talking to people to hear different perspectives !!

my venus and mars are both in gemini at different degrees, and finally my rising is 20 degrees libra. surprise lmao

a few aspects in my chart that i really like: moon trine jupiter (!! :D but can be really annoying to deal w/ if i let my emotions get too wild), mercury trine saturn, mercury trine pluto, venus conjunct mars, venus trine ascendant, mars trine ascendant

also, placements in my chart i really like ig cuz why tf not: venus in 8th, mars in 9th (can backfire sometimes), jupiter in 3rd !, moon in 11th

hmu if you'd like to know more about my chart or see my chart (i don't really have any reason to hide it) OR... if you want to try getting into astrology, because i'd be more than happy to help you get started :~) it really truly is so much fun reading about your chart, and you can choose to believe what you discover or not lmao it's not up to me or anyone else to try and convince you. you'll know if it's real or not, because it's things in your own chart that you're reading about. always remember to take it slow when you just get started, because there's SO much information to take in.

p.s. not to be biased or anything but i really love fixed signs because.. i just get along with a lot of ppl w/ personal planets in those four signs n they just have a really special place in my heart.,,,, anyways :") if u got quite a bit of fixed energy in u i probably already love u even if u don't know me that well


yoongi coming to pick me up xD♥♥♥♥♥♥

me and my son jeongguk ♥ ily :']

this is by far the actual worst section. i'm sorry you had tosee thsi with your own two eyes.

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